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Unger Aquadozer 36 " Heavy Duty Curved Floor Squeegee - 36 " Rubber Blade - Heavy Duty, Durable, Sturdy - Black, Green


item #: UNGFP90C

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product description

Heavy-duty, 36" curved floor squeegee features a unique curved blade that maximizes cleaning performance and moves up to two times more compared to competitive squeegees. It is ideal for moving large volumes of water, mud, debris, waste, scraps, slush or snow. AquaDozer Max Floor Squeegee is also great for flood cleanup, construction sites, plants, factories, large commercial areas, loading docks, agricultural, food processing, arenas, outdoor areas and around large drains. Use on coated and uncoated smooth concrete floors, asphalt and other smooth surfaces. Replaceable, 2" high, premium rubber blade cleans and dries floor. Durable steel body is designed for tough demands. Use the squeegee with dual-end or tapered-end poles.

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