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180 Days Of Geography For First Grade


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product description
details 180 Days of Geography provides teachers and parents with 180 days of daily practice to build grade 1 students' geographical knowledge and skills. With the world becoming more connected, learning about different places through a geographic lens will equip 21st century students with the skills they need to better understand diverse cultures and regions in an increasingly interdependent world.

• Through weekly units, students will improve their geographic background knowledge, critical thinking and reasoning skills, map and spatial skills, and answer photo- and text-dependent questions
• Provide detailed instruction on map skills, key geographical concepts, and the five themes of geography: location, place, human environment/interaction, movement, and region
• An introductory two-week unit focuses on teaching the map skills that students will use throughout the rest of the book
• Subsequent units will introduce students to a new place or a type of map, and will explore the relationship between geography and culture

With engaging worksheets, this 1st grade workbook helps teachers meet National Geography Standards and state standards in their classrooms. Digital files are included.