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Rubbermaid Commercial T- Cell Odor Control Refill - Gel - 6000 Ft ³- Mango Blossom - 60 Day - 1/Each


item #: RCP402369

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product description

T-Cell air freshener refill is part of an odor-control system that dispenses a consistent level of fragrance and Microtrans odor neutralizer. Through a Rubbermaid T-Cell dispenser, the fresh fragrance and odor neutralizer are distributed throughout the room. Mango blossom is a natural and exotic fruity fragrance characterized by ripe, juicy mango slices alongside fresh citrus and soft floral accents. Refill lasts approximately 60 days on the standard setting for a washroom with three to four stalls/fixtures. It can last approximately 90 days in a small washroom with one to two stalls/fixtures. Refill contains no propellants or added VOCs.

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