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Cp Tru- Ray Violet, 12 " X18 ", 50 Sheets S/O


item #: P103041

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product description

Let your imagination shine with Violet Tru-Ray® Construction Paper! Our colorful sheets are perfect for drawing, colorful school projects, and fun arts & crafts. The 50 count pack is ideal for personal, small group or large group use. Tru-Ray® Construction Paper is fade resistant and durable; guaranteed to be bright and strong for your special projects. Bring your wildest ideas to life with our versatile and vibrant papers! Our mission is to empower teachers, students, and artists to be their best by providing them with superior educational and art products. Pacon® is dedicated to providing sustainably sourced paper and is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Our Tru-Ray® paper products are made from 50% recycled sulphite paper.