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Mmf Truvue Verification Station - Infrared, Magnetic, Ultraviolet - Black - 1 Each


item #: MMF225T10004

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product description

TruVue Verification Station is a multipurpose counterfeit detection solution that verifies payments and identifications with reliable and quick features and seamlessly integrates with most point-of-sale checkouts. Magnetic (MG) and Infrared (IR) detection quickly and effectively detects fake bills. Front-facing power switch and status panel provide instant, clear results. Multipurpose compartment with motion sensor automatically turns on to validate holograms embedded in valid IDs, driver's licenses, credit cards, passports and banknotes with UV detection. LockIt Secured Compartment prevents misplacing credit cards on open tabs and safely stores away large denomination bills, confiscated counterfeit bills or fake IDs. No extra counter space is required for this station. The reinforced top surface holds 35 lb. and provides ample room to accommodate a full POS system and other peripherals. Station seamlessly sits on top of 16" to 18" wide cash drawers.

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