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Primary Pattern Blocks Task Cards, Set A


item #: CRE4530

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product description
details This colorful set of pattern block activities stimulates children to think about colors, shapes, and patterns! Engage them in hands-on learning involving counting, one-to-one correspondence, building and extending patterns, and spatial problem solving. Because color and shape have such universal presence in the real world, children deserve every possible opportunity to interact with them. Help young learners to become curious about geometry and its role in their lives. Set contains 22 cards and instructions.

Children love pattern blocks! They match the blocks to the outlines, recognize the patterns, and extend them with more blocks. Questions on each card promote creativity as children imagine what the design could represent, Find an other way to fill the design, and/or add to the pattern. Skills span the mathematics curriculum, from counting and one-to-one correspondence (number) to spatial patterning (algebraic thinking), handling shapes (geometry), and finding multiple solutions (problem solving). Hands-on activities engage several senses - visual, tactile, and auditory – increasing the likelihood that learning will be remembered. Supports the development of thinking skills through discussion about patterns each child discovers.

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