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Crystal Geode Factory


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details Learn valuable STEM lessons with this geology science kit that has everything included in one box. Children aged 8+ will experiment with a citrine heart, amethyst geode and emerald 'seed'! Crystal Geode Factory contains 14 components including ingredients in resealable containers, a detailed instruction and education booklet, laboratory tools, safety equipment and beautiful display cases for the precious stones created.

Kit includes 1 monoammonium phosphate powder, 1 plaster, 1 plastic tea spoon, 4 stirring sticks, 1 heart vacform PET, 1 geode mold vacform PET, 1 deep dish vacform PP with cover, 1 pair of gloves, 1 wild food dyes in dripper - blue, 1 Wild food dyes in dripper - yellow, 1 flocking display vacform geode with cover, 1 flocking display vacfoam heart with cover and 1 instruction booklet.

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