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Butterfly Garden Home School Edition


item #: ILP1035

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This NEW, unique butterfly-raising kit lets kids witness and learn about the fascinating process of metamorphosis up close and provides weeks of real-world STEM/STEAM learning. 

Our newly designed habitat makes this kit extra special!

Please note: this kit does not contain live insects

Butterfly Garden® Home School Edition Includes:

  • Habitat with Ultra-Clear front-facing viewing panel and Tuck-Away Learning Panel which highlights the stages of metamorphosis. Includes early learning biology facts.
  • Voucher to redeem for 5 FREE baby caterpillars and FREE shipping!
  • Flower-shaped butterfly nectar feeder.
  • Feeding dropper
  • Clear, comprehensive instruction guide.
  • 12 page STEM journal for Budding Entomologists, full of learning and fun! 
  • Chrysalis Holding Log (arrives with your Cup of Caterpillars)
  • Wildflower seed packet so you can grow butterfly-attracting flowers in your home garden (arrives with your Cup of Caterpillars)

Please note: Be aware of the temperatures in your area before you order your insects. Temperatures must be between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit to allow for the safe delivery of your caterpillars, and the safe release of your butterflies.

Insect Lore guarantees that at least 3 out of 5 caterpillars will become butterflies.