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details Fred investigates motion including speed, time and distance, push and pull, velocity, acceleration, momentum, simple machines and more. The potential for learning is great as students engage in the fun activities such as word searches, fill in the bubble gram, math problems, writing activities, unscrambling words and more. The thought-provoking science fair project objective is to compare friction between dry and icy surfaces.

Fred investigates Force and Motion is a reproducible, colorful and fun book with hand-on experiments, a science fair project, metric conversions, the scientific method and a glossary. This book covers the exciting careers, many inventors, and actual tools and equipment with a touch of humor. This book is content-rich and activity strong, and intriguing for the student who is science-minded who just can't get enough information about force and motion! This book meets national standards and perfect for a stand-alone unit or as a textbook supplement.

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