Afs- Tex Unique System 3000 Anti- Fatigue Mat


item #: FLRFCA32039BM

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product description

Unique AFS-TEX System 3000 Anti-fatigue Mat provides the ultimate combination of standing comfort and body support. Cushioned yet supportive standing surface reduces the strain on feet, legs knees and back joints that can be caused through prolonged standing. Built-in antimicrobial content in both the body and material cover delivers maximum effectiveness. Antimicrobial active ingredient will not wear away or wash off. It works 24/7 for the life of the product. Extra-thick polyurethane construction with a fine antimicrobial polyester covering for added tactile comfort is ideal for users who like to work without footwear. Solid, one-piece, 4/5" thick, polyurethane will not lose body support over time. Contoured curl-proof edging ensures mats will remain totally flat. Anti-slip base provides maximum stability in use. The mat is also equipped with ADA trip hazard-compliant beveled edging.

AFS-TEX Unique System 3000 Anti-Fatigue Mat - Workstation, Stand-up Desk, Reception, Counter - 39" Length x 20" Width x 0.80" Thickness - Rectangle - Polyurethane, Polyester - Midnight Black

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