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Project Board Kit 36 " X 48 ", Pack Of 24 Complete Kits


item #: F30832

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product description
details Project board kits make life easy! Each complete kit includes corrugated board and detachable header in white, a sheet of black punch out letters, numbers, and punctuation, plus a complete set of science titles. Board easily accepts a wide variety of art materials and adhesives. Back of board and header is brown kraft. Board measures 36" high x 48" wide overall-- side panels measure 36" high x 12.75" wide and the center panel measures 36" high x 22.5" wide. Header measures 10" high x 36" wide. Science titles include Introduction, Results, Procedure, Application, Hypothesis, Conclusion, Problem, Graph, Data, Abstract, Materials, Purpose, and Variables. Pack of 24 complete kits.

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