Tombow Mono Correction Tape Retro Applicator Pack - 0.17 " Width X 32.83 Ft Length - 1 Line (S)- White Tape - Break Resistant, Non- Refillable - 10/Pack - White


item #: TOM68723

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product description

Single-line correction tape with side application is easy to use and instantly corrects typed, handwritten or art documents. Premium tape lays down smooth to blend with paper. Make instant corrections with no drying time - no mess and no waiting. Tape allows you to rewrite with pen, pencil or marker. Dual Gear technology and self-tightening mechanism prevent looping and pulling of the tape. Easy-to-use, side-action applicator allows precise corrections. Ergonomic design allows you to comfortably make corrections throughout the workday. Compact applicator is made of a high percentage of recycled materials.

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