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Operations And Algebraic Thinking Mini Bb Set


item #: CTP6985

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details Help students develop a greater understanding of operations and algebraic thinking with this informative set! This mini bulletin board set reinforces the concepts of mathematical operations and algebraic thinking, demonstrates the procedure for PEMDAS, introduces different strategies for solving word problems with unknown numbers, and provides easy-to-understand descriptions of important academic vocabulary. This 15-piece set is perfect for instruction, for reference, and for supporting core learning standards for grades 3—5. Pieces range in size from 6?x 4.75? to 21?x 6?
Content addressed:
Commutative property
Associative property
Distributive property
Additive identity property
Multiplicative identity property
Function tables
Order of operations (PEMDAS)
Prime numbers
Composite numbers
Word problems with unknown numbers
Fact families
Tape diagrams

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