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Busy Bees Bee Positive Mini Bulletin Board


item #: CTP10891

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product description

The Bee Positive Mini Bulletin Board is filled with affirmations to help learners be successful, happy, and kind. The friendly bees and encouraging messages, make this set perfect for use in any school, office, church, dormitory, or senior living residence setting.

This 13-piece mini bulletin board includes:

  • Bee Positive: 8.12"w x 5."h
  • Be the poster: 11.87"w x 6"h
  • Be Honest: 9."w x 5."h
  • Be Yourself: 10."w x 4.87"h
  • Be Kind: 10"w x 5.62"h
  • Be Respectful: 10"w x 5.37"h
  • Be Original: 8.2"w x 4.87"h
  • Be Forgiving: 11.2"w x 5."h
  • Be Your Best: 18."w x 5.2"h
  • Believe You Can!: 17.87"w x 5.37"h
  • Be Happy: 10.2"w x 5.37"h
  • Be a Friend: 9.37"w x 5.12"h
  • Bee Positive Poem: 6"w x 21"h