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Bright Air Fresh Peach Scented Oil Air Freshener - Oil - 2.5 Fl Oz (0.1 Quart)- Peach - 45 Day - 6/Carton - Long Lasting


item #: BRI900134CT

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product description

Invigorate your senses and enhance your surroundings with this elegant, scented oil air freshener. Natural, true-to-life signature fragrances will infuse any small space with a fresh, clean scent. Modern, stylish glass diffuser filled with pink color oil complements any decor and provides a long-lasting, memorable experience. Air Freshener lasts up to 45 days. Fresh Petals and Peach scent will enliven your mood with the delicate, clean aromas of pink floral petals swaying in the wind with the crispness of fresh peach.

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