Avery, Opna

Avery & Reg ; Marks- A- Lot Desk- Style Permanent Markers - Regular Marker Point - 4.7625 Mm Marker Point Size - Chisel Marker Point Style - Black - Black Plastic Barrel - 12/Dozen


item #: AVE07888

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product description

Permanent marker is designed to work on almost any surface - indoors and outdoors - including cardboard, metal and plastic. Ink resists rubbing, water and fading to deliver marks that last. The ink is low-odor, nontoxic and certified. Quick-drying formula minimizes accidental contact with damp ink. A chisel tip allows you to vary the width of your strokes for legible notes on small surfaces and broad strokes on high-visibility signs. Nontoxic formula allows safe use by children.

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