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Adams Tapebound 3- Part Money Receipt Book - 100 Sheet (S)- Tape Bound - 3 Partcarbonless Copy - 2.75 " X 7.62 " Form Size - White, Canary, Pink - Assorted Sheet (S)- 1 Each


item #: ABFTC1182

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product description

Tapebound receipt book lets you record rent payments and any other type of payment. Each three-part form indicates a place to record date, payer's name, purpose of payment, payment amount, time period that the amount covers, amount due, amount paid, balance and signature of recipient. Convenient circles with preprinted designations of cash, check and money order let you check off the method of payment. Forms are consecutively numbered. Paper sequence is originals in white, duplicates in canary and triplicates in pink. Wraparound cover attached to back can be placed between sets to prevent write-through.