Post- It & Reg ; Page Markers - 1/2 " W - 100 - 0.50 " X 2 "- Rectangle - Unruled - Bright Assorted - Paper - Removable, Self- Adhesive - 5/Pack


item #: MMM6705AN

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product description

Post-it Page Markers are ideal for temporarily marking pages in books and reference materials. Use them at the top of a page for a bright bookmark, in the text margin for making notes without marking on the pages themselves, or just to call attention to specific information. They hold securely and reposition easily. They won't tear or damage book pages. They are ideal for color-coding materials by topic, reader, importance and many more ways. The bright colors are easy to spot and easy to write on. Post-it Page Markers are recyclable, and the paper in Post-it Page Markers is sourced from certified, renewable and responsibly managed forests.

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