Post- It & Reg ; Flags - 2 Dispensers - 100 - 1 " X 1.75 "- Rectangle - Unruled - Purple - Removable, Self- Adhesive - 100/Pack


item #: MMM680PU2

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product description

Post-it Flags in an easy-to-spot purple color make it simple to mark your place, flag or highlight important information. Use them to draw attention to critical items, index, file or color-code. Eye-catching, colorful flags are easy to spot and have space to write. Removable adhesive allows the attention-getting 1" flags to stick securely, reposition and remove cleanly. The handy detachable cartridges can be used as a stand-alone dispenser or placed in a desktop dispenser/organizer with a built-in Post-it Flags dispenser.