Scotch Tough Grip Moving Packaging Tape - 22.20 Yd Length X 1.88 " Width - Fiber - Dispenser Included - 6/Pack - Clear


item #: MMM1506

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product description

Put weight in its place with Scotch Tough Grip Moving/Packaging Tape. For a fully packed moving day, heavy boxes that bust at the bottom are the enemy. This moving tape easily handles moving boxes with up to 80 lb. inside and is guaranteed to stay sealed. What makes this tape so tough is its unique and strong hot melt adhesive. When the box is closed, it stays closed. Tape grips strong to all box types, including harder-to-stick-to boxes made with 100 percent recycled fibers. As tough as it is, it slides off the roll smoothly, quietly and easily - a nice touch for a hard day of packing and moving. Each roll of tape comes inside a ready-to-use dispenser.

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