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Manager’s Pick June 2017

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Our Summer store manager picked The EzyRoller   What Our Manager Says:     About the Product: “In seconds you’re away, sweeping and swerving, darting and ducking, carving turns up and down the asphalt. Whether you’re a fast and furious racer, a smooth cruiser or an artful dodger, it’s dead easy and you’re addicted in seconds. As are the onlookers – heads turn and kids crowd round to have their go. It’s an addiction to...

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Manager’s Pick May 2017

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Our Little Rock store manager picked “Cutie Pie Butterfly Hopscotch” by Melissa & Doug   What Our Manager Says: I spent many recesses as a child playing hopscotch on the playground. It was always a race to see how could grab the chalk and start drawing it first. I makes me sad that kids today are spending less and less time outdoors and more time on electronics. The Melissa & Doug Cutie Pie Butterfly Hopscotch, not only encourages physical activity,...

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Manager’s Pick April 2017

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Our Horn Lake store manager picked “The Cube” What our manager says: “So many adults and children struggle everyday with stress and anxiety. Some deal with it by the click of a pen, or by tapping their foot, and can do many things that can interrupt others. With the fidget cube, there are 6 sides that have a different way to fidget on each. First, you have the spin dial side, with a circular fidget that you can spin. Second, you have the Roll side; which...

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Manager’s Pick March 2017

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Our Germantown store manager picked Butterfly Garden What our manager says: “The Original Butterfly Garden is a great product that allows children and families to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as Painted Lady butterflies. You get to raise and feed your butterflies and when they are ready, you release them into the wild. The entire process takes about three weeks and it gives kids of all ages the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of...

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Manager’s Pick February 2017

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Our Cordova store manager recommends: Mixed By Me- Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty What our manager says: “Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is one of the most awesome items that we carry at Knowledge Tree! Thinking putty is a silicone-based putty that is nontoxic and will never dry out. There are many ‘tricks’ you can do with thinking putty. You can pop it, bounce it, tear it, stretch it, and even shatter it! Your Mixed By Me kit includes 3 color concentrated putties, red,...

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