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Knowledge Tree Star Wars Jedi Academy

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Knowledge Tree is offering your Padawan a chance to attend Jedi Academy. Upon check-in each Padawan receives a name tag and a “report card.” They must complete four “classes” to progress to their “final exam”.

Please note that classes are in groups of five and will be taken in 10 minute intervals. Check-in will close at 10:50am (12:50pm for Little Rock), to allow adequate time for each Padawan to complete their classes and final exam.

The classes are as follows:

  • “Team Work” (a group of five will work together to put together a puzzle of the solar system),
  • “Feel the Force” (using sight, sound, and touch Padawans will learn to utilize the force while identifying objects by touch only, identifying prominent figures of the force by sight, and identifying objects by sound alone),
  • “Mind Training” (Padawans will use the force to find matching pictures), and
  • “Jedi Training” (before entering their final exam Padawans must first learn how to wield their light sabers).

Upon passing their classes Padawans will then be admitted to their “final exam” the Jedi Obstacle Course. Upon completing the obstacle course each Padwan will dual with a Jedi Master to receive their diploma.

Registration for this event is only $5.00 per a Padawan!

You can choose from any of our locations:

Feb. 6 Germantown  10:00am – Tickets no longer available.

Feb. 13 Dexter  10:00am – Tickets no longer available

Feb. 20 Horn Lake  10:00am – Tickets available in store only.


Purchase tickets at any location or online by clicking here.

*If purchasing your ticket online, please print your receipt as your ticket.*