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2017 Employee Toy Picks Part Two

Posted by on Nov 15, 2017 in Holidays/Events, Stores, Toys | 0 comments

It is that time of year again! Time to find that perfect gift for your budding Scientists, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, and so on! Here at Knowledge Tree we have our favorite toys that we would love to show case for you!

Every year we host our Employee Toy Training where our staff show off their favorite toys for this season.


Cece, from our Little Rock location, picked Crazy Aaron’s Made by Me Kit – Sparkle. She loves being able to mix and match colors and sparkle. Making your own putty is tons of fun for the whole family and you get your own mixes to shape and sculpt.


Get your kit for just $19.99!







Abigail, from our Cordova location, rocked out on the Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano. “It looks very cool with all the colors and is way easy to learn on!” Using the color coding and the included sheet music anyone can learn to play on it.


The Rainbow Piano comes in at $59.99.






Chasity, from our Germantown location, challenged us to a game of Chairs. “I’ve got a lot of kids that love games and this is great to bring out their competitive spirits.” Stack the chairs and make sure they don’t fall! “It is like reverse Jenga!”


Get Chairs for $15.99!






Carolyn, from our Germantown location, picked Escape the Room. “I am so excited to invite my friends over to the house and play this!” Much like murder mystery dinner sets, this Escape Room in a Box comes with everything you need to Escape the Room!


Escape your room at $21.99.






Patricia, from our Summer Ave location, challenged us all to Prove It! Prove your awesomness to all your friends and family. “How many TV shows can you name in 30 seconds?”, “How far can you move the hoop while it is twirling?” Prove your answer! Perfect family game!


You can Prove it! for $24.99.





Riley, from our Summer Ave location, showed us all about Roominate Cotton Candy Carnival! “I remember seeing the inventors on Shark Tank. Two female engineers, trying to come up with toys to get girls interested in STEM!” The Roominate line comes in multiple different.


Sets start at $17.99.







Kenny, from our Summer Ave location, picked the classic Gyro Wheel. He says “as someone with ADHD I found it interesting that I could just sit here all day and play with this. It is mesmerizing. If you get really good at it, there are all sorts of tricks you can do.”


Get the Gyro Wheel for only $3.99.







Meredith, from our Summer Ave location, showed off her problem solving skills with single player game Roller Coaster Challenge. Starting at level one, you solve the problem card by building a roller coaster (even come with a car to test out your coaster). This game will keep you occupied for hours.


Start building your coasters for $29.99.






Renee, from our Germantown location, showed off our classic Lite Brite! “Unlike the older version, this one is perfect for travel! The lights stay locked in no matter how much you shake it, the storage container snaps close and is removable. Such a fun toy for all ages.” 


Get your Lite Brite for $26.99.






Stephanie, from our Horn Lake location, picked Trivial Pursuit Family Edition. This version comes with both adult (hard) and child (easy) questions. Perfect for a family game night over the holidays!


Start your game for $15.99.

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