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2017 Employee Toy Picks

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It is that time of year again! Time to find that perfect gift for your budding Scientists, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, and so on! Here at Knowledge Tree we have our favorite toys that we would love to show case for you! 


Every year we host our Employee Toy Training where our staff show off their favorite toys for this season.


Kayla, from our Summer Ave location, loves the Hand Boiler. “How does it work?” It works through the application of Charles’s Law. Basically, as the temperature goes up in a closed container, so does the pressure.  As the temperature increases, the molecules of gas in the container move faster, which increases the pressure. As the pressure increases in one of the chambers, the liquid will be pushed into the other one. Thus, the fun of the hand boiler! Come by and try out the Hand Boiler at any location!

This great STEM product is only $4.99





Alexia, from our Summer Ave location, loves the classic Mr. Potato Head. She says “it’s cool because you can do a lot of different things with it.” It encourages children to use their imaginations and expand their minds beyond the normal.

This classic toy is for ages 2 and up and is only $7.99!





Shelby, from our Summer Ave location, picked our Adult Coloring Kits. She says “these are GREAT teacher gifts!” It comes with markers, pens, and/or pencils. You get a coloring book with Nature, Land Marks & Cites, Theraputic Designs, or you can get a Calligraphy Kit! These are perfect for Teachers, Parents, and even the Tweens and Teens in your life.

These kits are $19.99.





Sarah, from our Cordova location, picked Tenzi as her favorite toy. It may not be new this year but it is always a good option for any upcoming game night! She says it is “simple, yet brings out your competitive side.”  With a list of different ways to play, this game is guaranteed to bring the fun to ANY Holiday Gathering this year!


You can start your fun for only $14.99.







Ruth, from our Cordova location, just LOVES What Letter Do I Start With! She says it is perfect as a “classroom or family game.” During our training all of the staff were getting into the game. It is great for all ages, whether you are just learning your colors and letters or you are an ol’ pro at them, this game will pull you in and keep the whole family entertained!

This fun family game is only $12.99 and is featured in our Toy Flyer this year!






Missy, from our Germantown location, just loves Slapzi. Made by the same people who brought us Tenzi! This game is fast paced and tons of fun. Match your picture cards to the clue card before anyone else does and slap it down. “It’s kind of like Slap Jack, but with a challenge.”


Get Slapzi for $19.99 and start the competition! 




Lorine, from our Germantown location, showed off her skills with Harry Hopper. It is a “team dexterity game.” 2 to 8 players use their grasshoppers and some awesome aiming skills to knock over the blades of grass. There are multiple ways to play, depending on how many people you have to play.


This fun for all ages is $24.99!





Jean-Clair, from our Horn Lake location, just loves the DIY Both Bombs. As someone who enjoys her share of bath bombs, she says that you “definitely get your money’s worth” with this kit. It comes with everything, but water, you need to make your own bath bombs to use. It is fun to do with friends or on your own. The perfect gift for your tween or teen!


You get ingredients for 6 bombs for only $15.99!




Nadia, from our Horn Lake location, chose the SmartBot Robot. This little guy is perfect for ANY of your STEM minded children or teens or even adults! The entire Horn Lake staff have been having tons of fun with all the settings and tricks the SmartBot can do! From hand motion controls to making him dance, it has provided hours of fun for our staff!


This fantastic favorite is $49.99.





Dani, from our Horn Lake location, selected Pie Face Showdown! Last year Pie Face was a favorite, well now it has kicked it up a notch! TWO players stick their faces in the line of fire and hit their button as fast as they can sending the hand towards their opponent. See who in your family has the quickest hands east of the Mississippi!


You can have your own showdown for $24.99!







Come back Wednesday to see the rest of our staff picks!

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