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Knowledge Tree Opens a Pop-Up Shop for Teachers Donating $1.4 Million in Classroom Supplies

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Knowledge Tree will unveil a pop-up shop full of donated supplies on November 13th, 2017 at 5:00 pm at 5004 Summer Avenue, next to their flagship store. Knowledge Tree and their valued partners are donating over $1.4 million dollars of teachers’ supplies to this pop-up shop. These products will be FREE for all invited teachers.

Learn & Play Initiative

Teachers spend $500 on average out of their own pocket on teaching supplies. “Many teachers in the Memphis area do not have the budget for classroom supplies and the children’s families cannot afford them; as a community it is our responsibility to ensure all classroom needs are met,” says Andy Gattas, owner of the Knowledge Tree. The primary supply donor is Teacher Created Resources who gave classroom decor and materials. In addition to Knowledge Tree, other sizeable supply donations came from McDonald Publishing, Handy Art, Scholastic, Crayola, Newmark Publishing, Gallopade, Hygloss, Ashley, and Trend Enterprises.  Shelby County Education Foundation and SchoolSeed  are also contributing to this initiative.

Knowledge Tree invites the public to join the ribbon cutting for the pop-up shop on November 13th at 5:00pm. Mayors, district officials, education non-profit leaders and other community partners are encouraged to attend to show their support of these efforts. Once the pop-up shop is open, Knowledge Tree will invite schools in waves of 20-30 schools at a time, prioritized by greatest needs. Each wave will have a shopping window of two weeks to choose donations that will be used in their classrooms. The product will be FREE for all invited teachers.  The product available is appropriate for Pre-K through High School teachers.   The pop-up shop will be open for invited schools from Tuesday-Thursday, 3pm-7pm, and Friday-Saturday, 10am -5pm, through mid-January 2018. 

About Knowledge Tree

Knowledge Tree (formerly Fred P. Gattas Company) is a 60+ year old Memphis business owned by Andrew Gattas. In addition to the Summer Ave flagship, Knowledge Tree has three other locations in the Memphis area and one store in Little Rock, AR. The company also serves the schools through their online catalog with fast local delivery.  Knowledge Tree has long served teachers by offering a wide assortment of school supplies and supplemental educational resources. The company also serves parents and other caregivers by recommending and providing learning aids and toys based on each child’s needs.

About Teacher Created Resources

Teacher Created Resources is an educational publishing company founded by Mary Dupuy Smith, a classroom teacher. All of the products are “created by teachers for teachers and parents.” They offer an array of classroom products including, but not limited to, books, decorations, posters, and teaching aids.

For more information about Teacher Created Resources, visit www.TeacherCreated.com


Andrew Gattas, Owner

Knowledge Tree
Email: agattas@theknowledgetree.com
Phone: 901.844.0570


  1. Will Charter Schools be allowed to participate?

    • Charter Schools are on the list of schools that will be able to participate. Talk to your director to find out when your school is scheduled to come.

  2. Who will let us know when our school is to come?

    • Your principles will be made aware of when your school is set to come and let you know. If you have any questions feel free to contact Teresa Ernest at ternest@theknowledgetree.com. Thank you

  3. Will non profit teachers like head start be invited?

    • Have your directors contact Mrs. Ernest to find out if they are on the list or to be added to the list. ternest@theknowledgetree.com

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