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Manager’s Pick August 2017

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manager's pickOur Germantown store manager’s pick:

Cross Section Models



What our manager says:

I hated science when I was in school.  It was so abstract and full of odd words and diagrams in a book.  Now I see all of the wonderful tools to spur on the creativity and curiosity of children that it almost makes me wish I could go back to school and re-learn science!  Some of the hands-on learning implements for a teacher to have in the classroom are the Cross Section Models.  There are anatomy models; the eye, the heart, the brain.  And there is a plant cell Cross Section Model.  These will peak the interest of the squeamish students to step beyond and ‘dissect’ without the gross-out factor!  (Yes, I may have just reverted back to my own school days and Physical Science class at Colonial Jr. High.) To handle and see the cells and organs up close complete with the diagram lifted right out of the page of the science book will make your class remember not only for the test…but years to come! Durable and affordable, colorful and educational, the Cross Section Models are a must for Elementary classrooms and Science classrooms for upper grades! 



About the Product:

Cross section models split in half to provide a cross-section view and make learning fun and easy. One half of the colorful foam model is labeled with the parts of the cell, brain, or eye and the other half is labeled with letters only for test preparation purposes. Each model includes an Activity Guide giving detailed information on the cells, brain, or eye.



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