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Manager’s Pick April 2017

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manager's pick

Our Horn Lake store manager picked

“The Cube”


What our manager says:

“So many adults and children struggle everyday with stress and anxiety. Some deal with it by the click of a pen, or by tapping their foot, and can do many things that can interrupt others. With the fidget cube, there are 6 sides that have a different way to fidget on each.
First, you have the spin dial side, with a circular fidget that you can spin. Second, you have the Roll side; which is a fidget side with a ball that you can roll and also 3 gears that you turn as much as your heart desires. Third, you have the just breathe side; which is just a spot perfect for you to place your thumb and rub the softness of the cube if you just need a second to relax. The fourth side is the flip side; which has a pivoting fidget switch that you move back and forth like you would a light switch. The fifth side is the click side. If you’re like me, and grab the closest pen next to you to click simultaneously when stressed, this is the side for you. There are 5 buttons that you can click, in which 3 make the clicking noise and 2 are silent clickers so that you can click away without bothering those around you. The sixth and final side of the fidget cube is the glide side. This side mimics a joystick on a game system controller, which is somehow always satisfying just moving it around and now you can enjoy that along with all of these other fidgets on just one small cube! It’s truly amazing and they are only $16.99! I believe that they will sell out very quickly so come visit any of our 5 locations and grab yours today!!”




From the company:

“Ever have trouble figuring out what to do with your hands?  Finger drummer?  Pencil tapper? Nail Biter?  Do you squirm and shiggle (yes that’s a new word we just made up) in your pew at church?  Do you drive your friends and family a bit nuts with your fiddling???

We have something for you.

GLIDE – CLICK – FLIP – SPIN – ROLL –  BREATHE with the Fidgets For Your Digits CUBE!!!

It’s a delightful geeky gadget that demands attention even from those who don’t have much…” -Fidgets For Your Digits





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