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New Product: Bulletin Board Sets

Posted by on Mar 28, 2017 in Back to School, Classroom Management, New | 0 comments

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We are so excited for these new bulletin bored sets!

They are so much fun, even our Summer store sales associates have their favorite!



20170318_“The Aim High product is not only trendy but it gives an encouraging message for people to reach for the stars. To always do the best you can do”




20170320_ “I chose Confetti Splash because it really appeals to my interest in fashion and the way florals are always classic. Confetti splash includes florals along with a weathered wood design making a combination of bright and springy colors. I would really enjoy having this in my classroom because the colors would create a happy and uplifting learning environment for students.” 



   20170327_“I like the Veggie Tales product because it is super cute and it spreads a positive message to young children.”

– Lavita


20170328 “The Cacti product is perfect for small children because the characters are very friendly. The colors are adorable and can be used in any classroom year round.”

– Brittani



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