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Manager’s Pick March 2017

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manager's pick

Our Germantown store manager picked

Butterfly Garden


What our manager says:

“The Original Butterfly Garden is a great product that allows children and families to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as Painted Lady butterflies. You get to raise and feed your butterflies and when they are ready, you release them into the wild. The entire process takes about three weeks and it gives kids of all ages the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. The Original Butterfly garden is great for families or for use in the classroom.”




About the product:

“A family and classroom favorite for almost 50 years! This educational kit offers children, students and families an unforgettable opportunity to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Raise and feed your very own butterflies and then release them outdoors! The entire transformation from caterpillar to adult butterfly takes about three weeks. 5 caterpillars will arrive in a clear plastic cup with all of the nutritious food they need. Place the cup in a safe place away from direct sunlight. The caterpillars will remain in the cup and will eat, spin silk and grow to TEN times their original size! After seven to ten days they will hang upside down and harden into chrysalides.
The Insect Lore butterfly habitat is a reusable, cylindrical mesh container perfect for up close butterfly viewing. When not in use it folds flat for easy storage. Once the chrysalides have hardened, gently move them to the pop-up butterfly habitat. It will take about seven to ten more days for them to complete the transformation to adult butterflies. Keep a close eye on the habitat so you don’t miss the fascinating birth of your Painted Lady Butterflies.
One to two hours after emergence, your butterflies will be fully formed and ready to eat and fly! Place fresh flowers in the habitat for your butterflies to rest on and then use the feeding pipette included to drip sugar water, or nectar, on the flowers.  Watch your butterflies eagerly sip the nectar with their long proboscises. Butterflies also love to feed from fresh slices of watermelon and oranges!” –Insect Lore





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