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Manager’s Pick February 2017

Posted by on Feb 12, 2017 in Manager's Pick, Science, Toys | 0 comments

manager's pick

Our Cordova store manager recommends:

Mixed By Me- Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty


What our manager says:

“Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is one of the most awesome items that we carry at Knowledge Tree! Thinking putty is a silicone-based putty that is nontoxic and will never dry out. There are many ‘tricks’ you can do with thinking putty. You can pop it, bounce it, tear it, stretch it, and even shatter it!

Your Mixed By Me kit includes 3 color concentrated putties, red, yellow and blue. It also includes 3 special effects putties, glow, sparkle and shimmer. With these 6 concentrated putties, your possibilities are endless. You can mix as many different concentrated putties into your clear putty as you want.

This kit truly allows your creativity to flow. Thinking putty is a really great tool for many things. It can help with hyperactivity and focus, by giving your hands something to do to allow your mind to focus. It helps to build fine motor skills. And Crazy Aaron’s putties don’t have an odd smell, or leave a residue on anything it touches. It never dries out, so if you forget to put the lid back on your tin, your putty will still be in good shape.”




5 tins of clear putty

3 color concentrated putties

3 special effects putties

6 colored pencils

5 customizable tin labels

Mixing Mat




From the company:

Winner of ASTRA’s 2015 Best Toys for Kids!

Create your own custom-colored Thinking Putty with a Mixed by Me Kit. Each kit includes everything you’ll need to make cool Thinking Putty colors that glow in the dark!




Only $19.99


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