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Children’s Lit Pick – January 2017

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Every month we pick two books to spotlight, one picture book and one chapter book. Get 20% off these books for the entire month!




Paddington at the Circus

written by: Micheal Bondpaddington-circus

The circus has come to town! Paddington Bear and the Browns have front-row seats, and they can’t wait to see the show. Inside the circus tent there’s a ringmaster with a top hat, a very, very tall clown, a band … and a funny-looking man hanging from a rope above Paddington’s head. Always willing to lend a paw, Paddington rushes off to save the trapeze artist. The circus is turned upside-down, but the show must go on – and it does, thanks to a surprise performance by Paddington Bear.
Paddington Bear has charmed readers for nearly forty years. Now another generation of fans can join the beloved bear from Darkest Peru on a variety of adventrues written by Michael Bond and beautifully illustrated by artist R.W. Alley.

*From HarperCollins Publishing*



In the Classroom:

  • PaddingtonBooks.com offers an array of Paddington Bear Downloadable Teaching Guides and Activities.
  • PreSchoolPlanIt.com offers many Circus Themed classroom activities that would accompany this book perfectly. 
  • Smirkus.com has a 175 page PDF with everything from the history of the circus to life lessons from the circus. A great guide to help you teach about the circus as Paddington Bear explores it.





Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift’s ‘Chocolate Pilot’

written by: Micheal Tunnell

candy-bomberA moving and true story of life after war.
In 1945 Germany fell to the Allied powers at the end of World War II. The United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union divided up the country, and likewise the capital city of Berlin, into four occupation zones. The Soviets decided to distance themselves from the Allied forces. They blocked off West Berlin and stopped all food shipments in the hopes of driving the Allies out of Berlin altogether. But the Allies dropped supplies by plane into the city. One pilot, after a brief encounter with several German children living in war-torn Berlin, began to drop candy and gum into the city, bringing the children not only a little joy, but a great deal of hope. He was known to the children as “Uncle Wiggly Wings,” because he’d signal their treats by wiggling the wings of his plane when he flew over with supplies.
What began as a one-time gesture of compassion turned into an official U.S. Air Force operation. “Operation Little Vittles” grew, as more and more pilots volunteered to drop the parachutes, and donations of candy and cloth poured in from all over. This inspiring story of one man’s contribution to the rebuilding of a country after war is a unique look at history.
Illustrated with archival photographs, personal photographs from Lt. Gail Halvorsen—the Chocolate Pilot—letters, and documents, Candy Bomber is an important and interesting addition to studies of World War II.

*From CharlesBridge Publishing*


In the Classroom:

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