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December 2016 Newsletter

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December 2016

Check in every month for updates on
upcoming events and sales,
Story Time news, Lego Club themes,
and much more!



Dec. 3rd – Paper making STEM Challenge. Click here for more information and registration. 

Dec. 3rd – Horn Lake Wizarding Event. Click here for more information and registration. 

Dec. 10th – Germantown and Summer Ave Wizarding Event. Click here for more information and registration.  

Dec. 10th – Book Signing at our Little Rock Store: Goodnight Little Rock Emily Wyatt 1pm-3pm

Dec. 11th – Cordova Wizarding Event. Click here for more information and registration.  

Dec. 17th – Little Rock Wizarding Event. Click here for more information and registration.  

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Our story time is at every location and begins at 10am on their corresponding day!
All Story Times are free include a craft and/or snack!
We ask, but do not require, that you let us know if you are attending ahead of time.

Monday – Germantown
Tuesday – Horn Lake
Wednesday – Summer Ave
Thursday – Cordova

Week of 12/5     Bad Kitty

Week of 12/11   Santa is Coming to Tennessee (Mississippi)

Week of 12/18   The Night Before Christmas

Week of 12/26   Are We There Yet?





Next week check out our Children’s Lit Pick post for more information
on our May books of the month and how to use them in your classroom or home.

Get 20% off the books of the month until the end of the month!


Are We There Yet?

written by: Dan Santatare-we-there-yet

Let’s face it: everyone knows that car rides can be boring. And when things get boring, time slows down. In this book, a boy feels time slowing down so much that it starts going backward–into the time of pirates! Of princesses! Of dinosaurs! The boy was just trying to get to his grandmother’s birthday party, but instead he’s traveling through Ancient Egypt and rubbing shoulders with Ben Franklin. When time flies, who knows where–or when–he’ll end up.






bfgwritten by: Roald Dahl

The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) is no ordinary bone-crushing giant; he is far too nice. How he and his tiny friend, Sophie, conspire to put an end to the loathsome activities of the other Giants is marvelously told by a writer and an artist who “are uncanny in their understanding of what children like to read and see” (The New York Times Book Review).




Knowledge Tree’s Lego Club is STEM inspired event that gives participants the opportunity to use their imaginations to build creations under the direction of a monthly theme, with a top secret sub-theme that is only revealed at the beginning of the build! This is a free event, we ask, but do not require, that you please let us know in advance that you are coming. All creations are displayed in store between Lego Clubs!

Theme: I Wish…

Germantown – 2nd & 4th Saturday
Cordova – 1st & 3rd Saturday
Little Rock- 2nd & 4th Saturday
Horn Lake – 2nd & 4th Saturday
Summer Ave – 1st & 3rd Saturday


manager's pickCheck out our Manager’s Pick Blog post on the third week of every month to see what
one of our store managers have picked for the month.



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