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Manager’s Pick – November 2016

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manager's pick

Our Horn Lake store manager recommends:

Intro to Engineering Science Kit by Thames & Kosmos




What our manager says:

With S.T.E.M. up and coming, this kit is amazing for the little one’s that are just starting out. Maybe they are getting bored with just building Legos and want something that they can see come to life after they build it? This Kids First Intro to Engineering Science Kit is for ages 5+ and has 21 different experiments that teach children how engineers apply their scientific and technical knowledge to make machines and devices. Sounds kind of hard, right? As it is challenging, they have so much fun doing it! This kit starts with some of the basics: teaching about levers, forces, and pulleys. You start by building simple devices using those basic components. Then, you start to explore building cars and answering questions such as, “Why do cars have wheels?”; or investigate engineering with air and answering more questions such as, “How does a parachute slow down a fall?”. So the kids are not just building to build something; they are building to learn HOW they build it, how it works and what makes it work. It gives all children access to real, physical activities and projects that teach them about how things work. I highly recommend this product to any parent that has a child that loves to build and create with hands-on projects.



About the Product:

“Intro to Engineering welcomes young children to the field of engineering with 21 experiments and building projects in five sections. By engaging in hands-on activities, children will learn how engineers apply their scientific and technical knowledge to design machines and devices.

Start by learning some engineering basics with experiments on levers, forces, and pulleys. Build simple devices using these basic components.

Move on to explore engineering on land by building vehicles with wheels, such as a race car and a wind-up car. Next, investigate engineering with air (and in the air) by building a helicopter, a pinwheel, a parachute, a glider, a balloon rocket, and an air-powered carousel. Then, build a diving bell, a sailboat, and a paddle boat to experiment with engineering in water.
Finally, find engineering in your own home with experiments modeling the telephone and television.

With a 48-page guidebook, Intro to Engineering teaches engineering fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on experiments and building projects.” -Thames & Kosmos



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