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Manager’s Pick – March 2016

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manager's pick

Our Cordova Store Manger has picked:


knex1 crop


What our Manager Says:

“K’Nex is one of my favorite toys that we sell. I have fond memories of spending hours with my brother building everything we could think of. I now see that K’Nex is more than just a toy. K’Nex introduces young, creative minds into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

One of the things I really like about K’Nex sets is the flexibility to build anything you can think of. Similar to Lego, there are easy to follow instructions in the box, but you can use the pieces to build other things. K’Nex helps you to learn problem solving. While K’Nex are very flexible, it consists of a pretty small number of pieces. When you are free-building, it can take a lot of trial and error to find the right combination of pieces to complete the designs.

K’Nex is also a great introduction to engineering. During one of our recent STEM events, the kids (grades 4-8), were using K’Nex to build bridges. I was incredibly impressed during the test of the bridges. One of the groups built a bridge that held 45 pounds! I would never have imagined that it would be possible to use the small plastic K’Nex pieces to build a structure with the capability to hold that much weight.”


About K’Nex

K’Nex, a variation of the word connects, is a construction toy created by Joel Glickman. It was introduced in the US in 1992. K’Nex consists of plastic rods, connectors, gears, wheels and other components that interlock to create a variety of models. It is most similar to Tinkertoy, but designed for older builders.

Made in the USA! Over the past 20 years, K’NEX has become America’s Building Toy Company with all of our bricks, rods, and connectors manufactured in Pennsylvania at The Rodon Group’s facility. K’NEX and Rodon remain proudly family owned and operated. At a time when most toys are made overseas we are committed to manufacturing as many parts in the United States as possible. You’ll be happy to know that every rod and connector included in this building set is made in the USA.




Supersonic swirl

The Supersonic Swirl ride, part of the space-themed Amusement Park Series, features swirling and twirling motorized arms that take K’NEXmen riding up and down while spinning through space. The set includes easy-to-follow building instructions to set-up your amusement park in no time!

K’NEX encourages kids to imagine, build and play, with an exciting color-coded system of rods, connectors,and bricks that teaches valuable design and engineering principles while kids are having fun creating fantastic models. The K’NEX Space Amusement Park Series allows children to build an entire theme park in their room, heart-pounding roller coasters, and swirling rides (sold separately) come to life before their eyes. K’NEX is building worlds kids love, and we invite you to come along for the ride.

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