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STEM on a Budget

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stem-main2Check out some of the items picked out especially to work within the STEM system! All items available at any of our five locations.



Potato/Lemon Batteries – $4.99lemonClock13

*Flow of electrons (ionization of electrons)
*Electron flow through wires





Gyro-wheel – $2.99

*Angular momentum (circular motion or spinning velocity)
*Moment of inertia
*Kinetic Energy




hand boiler

Hand Boiler – $4.99

*Vapor Pressure (from hand warmth)
*Charles’s Law – Gas volume proportional to absolute pressure





Spinsation – $2.99

*Centripetal force




pocket tornado

Pocket Tornado – $5.99

*Vortex – centripetal force caused by spinning and force when using wrist
*Density (use colored lamp oil and water)
*Rotation of liquids (Newton’s 3rd law of motion)





MagnaBuzz – $3.99

*Magnetic field (extremely strong magnets; North and South poles try to make contact and cause sound)




diving octopus

Diving Octopus – $4.99

*Newton’s 2nd law – the more force, the more acceleration (F=ma)





Balsa Wood Glider – $3.99

*Aerodynamics, motion, principles of flight (lift, drag, ect…)




yoyoYo-yo – $4.99

*Potential energy, kinetic energy
*Angular momentum
*Gyroscopic stability
*Gyroscopic motion




pluto plasma

Space Plasma – $2.99

*Fluid viscosity




Kaleidoscope – $4.99kaleidoscope

*Light (optics)





Hot Wheels Cars – $4.99hot wheels
Race Track – $2.99

*Kinetic energy
*Potential energy
*Projectile motion (acceleration and velocity)
*Forces (gravitational force)
*Conservation or energy and friction





Air Powered Soccer Disk – $19.99

*’Hover Craft’ – air pressure
*Maglev (magnetic levitation) and propulsion*Newton’s 1st law of motion – object stays at rest or in motion with same speed and direction unless acted by an unbalanced force




hoberman sphere

Hoberman Mini Sphere – $16.99

*Mechanics and structural engineer





Slinky – $5.99

*Compression waves – gravity and tension pull at the same time until the ‘wave’ sends info to the stationary end that it should move.
*Newton’s 1st law of Physics “Hooke’s law” – force needed to extend or compress a spring by a distance [x] is proportional to that distance.

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