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Employee Toy Picks 2015

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chirstmas toysCheck out some of Knowledge Tree’s employees’ picks for their favorite toy in store now!


All Queens Chess – $14.99

Beth, from our Germantown Store, and Shelby, from our Summer Ave Store,  recommends ThinkFun’s All Queens Chess. She says it is Connect Four with Queen Chess pieces. Move your pieces, with the same rules as chess, to line your Queens up four in a row. This game is for two players 8 years and older.




The String Game – $1.49

Sue, from out Germantown location, recommends the String Game as a nostalgic stocking stuffer. She says children of all ages will enjoy creating Cat’s Cradle, Cup & Saucer, Jacob’s Ladder, the Hand Catch, and so many more. This ToySmith set comes with website suggestions to help the player find all sorts of different formations and games.



logic street

Logik Street – $14.99

Kyle, our Horn Lake store manager, recommends the popular game Logik Street by Asmodee. He says it is a great single player game for 4 years and older. Using the puzzle cards the player tries to figure out where the neighbors and pets line up in the neighborhood of Logic Street. Starting fairly easy and growing progressively harder, this logic game uses colors, symbols, and numbers to help create the puzzle.




Magnetic Sand Timer – $7.49

Ruth, our StoryTime Leader and sales associate from our Cordova location, recommends the Magnetic Sand Timer by Westminster as a great gift from a child to a parent or as a gift to an older child. Displaying the rules of magnetism in a fun and unique way. Each time you flip the timer you get a new design created.




3-D Puzzle Ornament – $7.99

Sarah, from our Dexter location, recommends the Ravensburger Christmas 3-D Puzzle Ornament. A great stocking stuffer for your puzzle lover. The pieces are numbered with arrows assisting you in the creation of the beautifully designed puzzle.





Roll-n-Swirl Ball Ramp – $15.99

Lorainne, from our Germantown location, recommends this early childhood toy from International Playthings. She likes how the bright colors and jingling balls attract the attention of infants as they play with it. It is easy to take apart and reassemble, good for traveling around to family gatherings through the holidays. Helps with motor skills and hand eye coordination.





Diablo – $12.99

Meredith, from our Summer Ave location, recommends the Diablo from ToySmith. Like a large yoyo, you can do all sorts of tricks starting with easy ones leading up to more difficult ones. She states that this is a perfect gift for someone wanting to start out with tick toys. Perfect for learning great tricks.





Fast Track – $19.99

Jessica, our Summer Ave store manager, recommends the game Fast track. Using speed and skill two people try to push all the pieces to their opponents side to win. She says it resembles air hockey.




5 second rule

5 Second Rule – $24.99

Ashley, from our Horn Lake store, recommends the 5 Second Game. She likes how challenging it is. For players 10 years and older, players have five seconds to answer themed cards, naming 3 items under the theme.






ring itRing It! – $14.99

Liz, from our Horn Lake store, recommends BlueOrange Games’ Ring it! She loves how it is like a mix between War and Slap Jack. Players 5 years and older try to find matches with either symbol, color, or number. If you find a match a player claps then rings the bell. This fast paced matching game is sure to provide fun for the whole family!






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