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Employee Toy Picks

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chirstmas toys

Check out some of Knowledge Tree’s employees’ picks for their favorite toy in store now!



Honey Bee Tree Game – $16.99honey bee game

Ian, the Dexter location Store Manager, says that the most difficult part of this game, for 3 years +, is setting up. Much like Kerplunk, in Honey Bee you and 1 to 3 other players remove the leaf sticks one at a time trying not make the Honey Bees drop between your roots!




Battle Sheep Game – $18.75

Ashley, from our Horn Lake location, has picked Battle Sheep from BlueOrange Games. For 2 to 4 players, in Battle Sheep you use strategy to try to block your opponent as you make your way across the board by leaving your tokens in their way.





Monopoly – $14.99

Patrick, from our Summer Ave location, sticks with the classics with his pick of Monopoly. The game of buying up property and “bankrupting your friends.”




pass the popcornPass the Popcorn – $23.99

Faith, the Assistant Store Manager at our Horn Lake location, picked Mattel’s Pass the Popcorn, a movie trivia game. For 2-8 players, 12 yrs and older, the player is first told a year and genre then they must decide between characters or story. Once given their clue the player must guess the name of the movie. With movies from the 1970s to the 2000s this game is fun for the whole family!



Mad Gab – $23.99mad gab

Tundria, a sales associate at our Summer Ave location, picked the Mattel game Mad Gab. With 2-12 of your closest friends this game is guaranteed to provide a hilarious time. Divide into two teams and repeat aloud the gibberish phrases to find the real phrase.



LoopdeloomLoopDeLoom – $29.99

Andrea, the Assistant Store Manager at our Dexter location, picked the new LoopDeLoom. Where it would take her about a month to knit an 18in scarf, with the LoopDeLoom it took her a day. Easy to learn and fun to do, this loom makes scarves, gloves, cellphone cases, and so much more!




Magic Christmas Key Gift Set – $28.99


Ruth, the Assistant Store Manager at the Summer Ave location, picked this new Christmas book. With it’s artfully magnificent pictures and unique story, Magic Christmas Key proves to become an instant holiday classic. Including a key of your very own, this story of how a young boy learns about responsibility and the difference between want and need will easily become a tradition in your family.



tic stac toe Tic Stac Toe – $24.99

Megan and Beth, the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager at our Germantown location, picked Pressman’s Tic Stac Toe. A two player game with a 3-D twist to the classic tic tac toe game. Play it two ways, 4×4 or 3×3, four in a row on the board or stack up four.



Don’t Break the Ice – $9.99dontbreaktheice

Sarah, a sales associate from our Summer Ave location, has also stuck with a classic. Hasbro’s Don’t Break the Ice proves to enhance strategic thinking. With assembly being the most difficult part, hammering out the ice cubes and trying not to knock out the skating polar bear is an entertaining time for all players, 3yrs and up.



logic streetLogik Street – $14.99

Rita, our Horn Lake store manager, picked the single player game Logik Street by Asmodee. This pattern matching game caters to players ages 4 to 94. Match neighbors and pets to the clues given on your pattern card. Logically deduct the pattern and try to beat your best time.

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