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What is STEM?

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What is STEM? STEM, an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Math education, is not only an area of study but also a way of teaching and learning. STEM programs emphasize innovation, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity. STEM education is focused in project-based and collaborative learning along with solving real-world problems. The Department of Education, in association with the National Science Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution, are leading efforts to coordinate and streamline federal efforts to improve STEM education across the country.

Everyday we are creating new technology, making new scientific discoveries, and pushing the limits of human understanding. There are more and more schools becoming STEM Academies, creating a focused education in these four areas. It is a belief that the next generation will surpass its previous. We have made leaps and bounds in Science and Technology in the last century and the next is looking to be just as extraordinary and our children need to be prepared.

Here at Knowledge Tree we have a variety of Science Kits. These kits help children engineer projects like windmills, robots, and weather stations. They are geared towards children and help them understand why their project works. They are able to understand that there are a series of gears and mechanisms that make things work. These kits combine education with learning and understanding the world around them. These kits encourage children to ask, “how does it work?”


Enviro Battery Green Science Kit





 Soda Can Robug Green Science Kit






Amphibian Rover Green Science Kit






For more information on STEM education click here!

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