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You Can Do It Too: Anchor Charts

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Classroom Management, Language Arts, Math | 0 comments

Anchor Charts are posters that teachers make as part of a lesson. They then hang them up in the classroom for students to reference. Our Wolfchase store has many ideas displayed for all types of Anchor Charts! Check out some of their favorites!


Commonly Used Items:

Mr. Sketch Markers Scented SAN20072TL – 12pk $9.99
Sharpie Flip Chart Markers 22474 – 4pk $2.99
Unruled Chart Tablet 24″ x 32″ PAC74510 – $9.99
Lamination – $0.50 per foot (in store only)


Target Text Structure Chart

anchor001What we used:

Arrow Accents TCR5515 – $5.49
Target Accents TCR5511 – $5.49
Target Border TCR5510 – $3.99


Go Ape Chart

anchor002What we used:

Jingle Jungle Animals Accents SC9780545531252 – $5.99


“Mustache” You a Question Chart

anchor003What we used:

Mustache Medley Designer Cut-outs – CTP0955 $5.99

You could add:
Mustache Mania Border CTP0161 – $3.99


Butterfly Fractions Chartanchor005

What we used:

Buggy for Bugs Cut-Outs  CD120139 – $5.99

You could add:
Buggy for Bugs Stickers CD168148 – $2.49


Groups Chart

anchor004What we used:

6″ Hexagon Designer Cut-Outs CTP0953 – $5.99

You could add:

Mini Hexagon Borders CTP7112 – $3.99
Hexagon Border CTP6517 – $3.99


Swimming to Success Chart

anchor006What we used:

Sea Buddies Accents T10998 – $6.29

You could add:

Sea Buddies Scalloped Trimmer T92380 – $2.99
Mine Sea Buddies Accents T10592 – $3.29
Sea Buddies Straight Border T85130 – $3.99


Before You Leave Chart

anchor007What we used:

Carson Kids Accents CD120145 – $5.99
Carson Kids Name Tags CD150039 – $3.49

You could add:

Carson Kids Scalloped Border CD108189 – $2.99
Carson Kids Straight Border CD108188 – $3.99


Order of Operations Chart

anchor008What we used:

Chevron Frame Accents TCR5413 – $5.49


Answer the Question Chart

anchor009What we used:

Key Accents T10571 – $3.29


Exit Ticket Parking Lot Chart


What we used:

Winding Road 3″ Straight Border CD3333 – $3.99
Brite Pockets Green TNT427 – $4.99
Race Car Stickers TCR5274 – $2.29

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