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Tell Me a Story

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The night sky was filled to the brim with stars as the old story teller made his way to the fire’s side. Children of all ages gathered to hear the old man’s tale. Would it be a story of danger or love? Would the hero make it to the end? Anxious questions bounced around the minds of the excited children as they pulled on their parents’ hands. The old man positioned himself ominously in front of the brilliant fire, sparks flew about him as he began his story. His silhouette enhanced by the fire’s light. Eager ears listened to the very end, young eyes watched as the old story teller animated his tale.

Story telling has been around since the beginning of time. A story resonates with its listener. Bringing them deeper into the tale it has to tell. A story stays with you, deep inside, it lingers. The stories we tell teach those who listen and heed the messages conveyed. Reading aloud to a child helps their listening skills, their concentration, and so much more.

storytime4Every week Knowledge Tree holds story time at their Memphis and Horn Lake locations! We read a story or two and then have a related craft and snack. The best part is that it is free! Join us at any of our Memphis and Horn Lake locations with your little ones to experience a fun and enjoyable atmosphere of story telling and crafts.


Story time 10:00am

Monday – Germantown
Tuesday – Horn Lake
Wednesday – Summer Ave
Thursday – Wolfchase

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