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National Teacher Day

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I was one of those kids who loved to go to school because I was lucky enough to have teachers that I loved! If I HAD to pick one favorite teacher then I would have to go all the way back to the beginning and say it was my kindergarten teacher, Mr. Bob Eagle. He was the one who started me off loving school. He was one of those teachers that the students could tell that he loved to teach. We may have been five and six year-olds, but we knew that he wanted to be there and wanted to teach us. I remember walking the halls with my mom one day after school and we passed him. He stopped what he was doing and called me by name and talked to me. I thought I was the smartest kid when he asked me to spell his name and then to spell it backwards. He was my first favorite. Next would be Mr. Breser, Mr. Parkerson, and Mrs. Bumgardner, that would round out my top four teachers. These four teachers influenced me, gave me more than just an education, and inspired my direction in life.

Teachers don’t always know how appreciated they are. If I had a chance I would go back and tell those teachers how much they have influenced my life. How they inspired me to write, how they taught me to love learning, and how they helped me grow. This year on May 6th, for Teachers Appreciation Day, do something special for the teacher that has inspired, taught, and influenced you over the past year. They do the extraordinary every day, is it not time we do something for them?




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